It’s Finally Here

Welcome to the new website. It’s been a long time in the making (umm… the new album, not the website). There’s obviously not a whole lot here yet (as far as websites go) but our fan-funded album Hive Mind is finally available.

Order now and download your digital copy right away. There are several packages available including the CD version, a new t-shirt and 2 new poster designs. We’re actually still waiting on a shipment of CDs, but orders will be shipped out as soon as possible.

We sent out an email to everyone involved in the project with instructions on getting your copy. If you’re one of the people who contributed and still haven’t receieved an email from us, please let us know and we’ll make sure you get it.

6 Responses to It’s Finally Here

  1. Achim Duemke says:

    Hi Dan,
    I´be been involved in this project and listed
    in the list from Oct. 12th, 2011. Unfortunately

  2. Dan says:


    The emails we sent to you are coming back to us with an error “Domain not found”. Is there another address we can contact you at?

    The one we have is your name at

  3. Tacowizard says:

    THANK YOU!! I was elated to get the download early!! Even with work and The Muppets release I was able to get a solid 9 listens in 24 hrs. You did us fans proud gentlemen. I’m honoured to support a band with solid integrity and I’m hoping all or some of you make your way to the west for some shows! cheers boys, good work!

  4. oStile17 says:

    Thank you GOD (and fans) your work is finally out.
    We’ve waited for so long…
    Now to see you live…also in Europe?

  5. Magnus Lunemann Hansen says:

    Thanks for this amazing album!
    I have recieved an email to download the album, and I must say I love it, from the first track to the last!

    But I dont know when I will get the album in m hands.
    Do you have any info about shipping dates?

    Many thanks

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